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Nomad interview and case studies

Japan, side projects & being a Hobo CEO: Talk with Chris Kirkland

Chris Kirkland is one Hobo CEO we can all learn from. He started moving around after an extended vacation in Goa in 2004, at a time when there was practically no information to be found about the nomadic lifestyle. It’s extraordinary to meet someone who started so early and managed to maintain this lifestyle for […]

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Painting and traveling as a couple: Interview with Heajung

Meeting fellow travelers is consistently one of the most rewarding aspects of living a nomadic lifestyle.  Whether in a café, hostel, or bar, conversations between like-minded people can yield impactful insights and valuable advice.  Most recently, I sat down with Heajung, a painter, blogger, and fellow nomad here in Chiang Mai. Check out Heajung’s paintings and […]

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Location Independent since 2004: Amy Scott of Nomadtopia

Amy Scott Nomadtopia

In our latest In the latest episode of the BecomeNomad Podcast, I speak with Amy Scott from Nomadtopia, a fantastic resource for digital nomads.  Amy also writes a blog and produces a long-running nomad podcast. Since 2004, Amy has been backpacking, traveling or cultivating her base in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently living with […]

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Location-Independent Entrepreneurs: Life as a Digital Nomad with Johnny FD

In the latest episode of the BecomeNomad Podcast, I speak with Johnny FD from “Travel Like a Boss,” a long-running podcast about the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Johnny started his nomadic journey as a scuba-diving instructor, then a professional Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) fighter.  Johnny now runs a number of successful online businesses.  He […]

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Media and Digital nomads – Interview with Kavi Guppta

In this episode we will interview Kavi Guppta, a knowledgeable and experienced digital nomad who discusses the tech industry, media for digital nomads and his remote work for Forbes and other magazines. Kavi has spoken with the most prominent nomads out there, so if you are interested in building a sustainable nomadic life, his advice will […]

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Best Digital Nomad Platforms for Booking Accommodations

Best Digital nomad platforms for booking accommodation

Digital nomad Aaron Freed joins me today to discuss the best sites to book accommodation while traveling. In this episode, we discuss hostel booking sites like HostelWorld and Hostelbookers, and later move on to talk about on other sites such as We will also share our experiences from platforms that allow you to stay with […]

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14 Years on the Road. Interview with Wandering Earl about the Nomadic Lifestyle

We are honored to have our first Nomad interview with Earl Baron, from the very popular and recommended travel blog WanderingEarl. Earl has been living the life of constant travel for more than 5,000 days, and shares his experiences and insights about the reality of constantly changing locations. Download | Stitcher | Itunes 

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Digital Nomadism and the Nomadic Spirit, an Interview with Steven Baguley

In our latest interview, I spoke with Steven Baguley, a “digital nomad” and a contributing writer for BecomeNomad. Steven listens to the podcasts I record and transforms them into blog posts to save me from the duty of writing (not one I am fond of).  In the interview, Steven talks about his own time as […]

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Interview with Digital Nomad Aaron Freed

Aaron Freed

In this interview with Aaron, we will learn about his unique way of living the nomadic life which includes weekly location changes, boat hitchhiking and much more. Download | Stitcher | Itunes

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