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Archives: Getting Started

How to prepare for beginning a nomadic lifestyle.

What is the right age to start living nomadically?

The topic of the right timing and age for starting a nomadic lifestyle is important and not often discussed. Wouldn’t it be better to it plan ahead (we’re talking years before) as a viable option for your life instead of making an abrupt decision about becoming a nomad, usually, at a time of crisis? The […]

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Recommended Travel and Digital Nomad Blogs

The following list introduces digital nomad and travel blogs that I enjoy reading and that inspire me while working on the BecomeNomad blog. I personally prefer following bloggers who discuss all aspects of travel and the digital nomad lifestyle, rather than only focusing on the travel and sightseeing part. Download | Stitcher | Itunes   When deciding […]

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Necessary Digital Nomad Skills for Long term Travel

Necessary Nomad Skills

Discussing the necessary skills a digital nomad needs in order to maintain a happy and balanced lifestyle is important since this lifestyle is probably not the best option for most of us. You should probably consider to pursue a nomadic path of long term travel if you have a critical mass of the specific skills […]

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Long term Travel Preparations and Check List

Spending time on preparation for travel will greatly increase the chances of fully enjoying traveling while avoiding those scary Oops moments of “I really wish I would have taken care of this while at home”.  Here’s a to do list of preparation for travel in order to have a much smoother travelling experience: Download | Stitcher | Itunes   […]

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Necessary steps before switching to nomad

Preparing for Nomadic Life While Still at Home

So you’ve made the decision that a nomadic lifestyle is right for you – now what? Like every other big decision in life, it’s best not to jump into deep water without prior preparation. And yes, changing your life constantly is pretty deep water. Preparing yourself for all different aspects of becoming a nomad will […]

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