Media and Digital nomads – Interview with Kavi Guppta

BN 010: Media and Digital nomads - Interview with Kavi Guppta

In this episode we will interview Kavi Guppta, a knowledgeable and experienced digital nomad who discusses the tech industry, media for digital nomads and his remote work for Forbes and other magazines. Kavi has spoken with the most prominent nomads out there, so if you are interested in building a sustainable nomadic life, his advice will be valuable for putting things in perspective.

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The interview is very comprehensive, but here are two things I have taken from it personally:

  • Kavi looks on digital nomadism as only one subset of a remote working culture which included home working, location independence and much more.
  • Kavi identifies a change in digital nomadism that used to be reserved to “young white males in tech background”. We see more women and minorities join the trend, which is no longer a “glorified constant backpacking” but a new way of life balancing work and travel.
  • Kavi mentions another trend in workplaces that help the concept of digital nomad grow. Companies now increasingly allow their employees to choose Where, When, how Frequently they want to work.

When asked about common characteristics of successful nomads Kavi mentions the following:
Successful digital nomads keep healthy, fit and eat well.

1.They value the idea of spending on experience instead of on material things and adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.

2.They take time to reflect from their experiences, they practice mindfulness.

3.They contribute meaningful work to the world. They build great useful stuff for others to use.

Here is a link to Kavi’s (@kaviguppta) interesting articles on Forbes: