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Archives: Nomad Revenue Sources

Tips and resources about making money and generating revenue while on-the-move

Digital Nomad Careers

Working as a digital nomad is financially viable. Check out different career opportunities below.

Sustaining the lifestyle of a digital nomad is challenging.  Whereas emotional hurdles such as loneliness, societal pressure, and pushing out of our comfort zone can be difficult, the critical hurdle we consistently return to is financial.  How do we sustain ourselves while pursuing a long-term journey as a digital nomad? This article will provide an […]

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Cost of living Arbitrage for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

The cost arbitrage for digital nomads is one of the strongest engines and benefits of the nomadic lifestyle. In easy terms, the cost arbitrage (also known as hacking life) is created by working online for clients from developed countries, thus receiving a “western salary”, while choosing to live in a country or city with low […]

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A New Year’s Review – Lifestyle and Goals

As a person living a nomadic life, I have already said that this turbulent way of living requires constant analysis. You need to change it as you go and even know when to stop if it comes to that. The last thing you want to do is live a life of constant change without being […]

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Digital Nomad Entrepreneurhip: Building a Startup while Traveling

There are many ways to sustain yourself as a digital nomad, and I personally think the most fascinating one is building your own Startup, or in other words, creating a product or service (usually online) that didn’t exist before and becoming a nomad entrepreneur. It should be noted however that if you are interested in […]

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Working with a Latpop in a Coffee Shop- Complete Guide

Finding the Perfect Workspace for Digital Nomads

Whether you are a digital nomad, freelancer or remote worker, it is critical to find good spots to stay for a few hours and get some work done with our laptops. WiFi is readily available today, but there are still many other factors to consider when trying to find the perfect work space, and it’s surprisingly not easy […]

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Digital Nomad Jobs

Digital Nomad Freelancing Sites

This article will discuss one of the best channels available to digital nomads for finding a job: making a living by using online freelancing platforms as a tool for getting customers and getting paid. There are many sites with vast offering of jobs for digital nomad, starting with the massive Upwork Platform (a merger between the popular sites Odesk and Elance). […]

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