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Articles that will help you fully explore and appreciate each place you stay in

Short-term Accommodation Strategies for Travelers and Digital Nomads

Short-term accommodation strategies for all nomads!

Although we’ve often discussed the benefits of slow travel, it’s also important to understand how digital nomads and long-term travelers can best book accommodations for a week or less.  The following article focuses on strategies and tactics for booking short-term stays. My list is built around personal priorities and it would be best not to […]

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Trending Digital Nomad Locations, Cities and Hubs in 2018

Trending Digital Nomad Locations

The following article is a curated list of current trending digital nomad cities and hubs around the world. It’s based on the knowledge I’ve gained from constantly changing locations as a digital nomad since 2010. To make the list of trending digital nomad locations less overwhelming, I’ve divided it into sections. Each section is either based […]

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Learning the local language for expats and digital nomads

  Fitting in language learning in your life as a digital nomad or a long term traveler is not an easy task. Learning a new language is a big undertaking which requires time and money. However, incorporating learning a new language with your planned travel schedule, makes a lot of sense. In this article I’ll talk […]

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The Benefits of Slow Travel for long term Travelers

Staying Longer Saves Money

Long term travelers basic intuition is to keep on moving, the faster, the better. We’re here to live life to the fullest, to see as much of the world as possible which creates a feeling of urgency to switch between places. When I started my life as a digital nomad, I adapted an “Ultra Nomadic” […]

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Using your Weekends to Explore

Weekend Travel

Weekends are special, they are holy in many religions for a reason: one or two days to disconnect from the material world, explore, have fun, be aware, get lost. As a Jew (and atheist, who believes rituals connect us to ourselves), my holy day is Saturday. It is a day of increased awareness, and where […]

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Improving your Orientation while Traveling

Nomads are traveling constantly, and it can get confusing when your entire environment is always changing. By improving your orientation, you’re more likely to feel at home at your new location. Good orientation will also save you valuable time, and is especially helpful in places that aren’t that safe where you don’t want to be wandering around clueless (check this […]

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Getting to Know the Place

Getting to Know the Place

When you arrive to your temporary base, it can be quite exciting. But we nomads have to adapt fast, so after a few days we already feel more or less like we are home. However, we can easily fall into the trap of feeling like a “local” too fast without exploring the location’s sights and culture. In […]

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