Going Back to the Same Place, or Going to a New Place?

Going Back to the Same Place, or Going to a New Place

Going Back to the Same Place, or Going to a New Place

An important question to ask yourself: Should I travel to a new place or to a place I’ve really loved before?

There are several advantages to visiting a new place.  First of all, you’ve never been there before!  You’ll be exposed to a new culture and a new language (maybe a language you’ve been studying); there is a certain feeling you get from ‘the first time’ that cannot be replicated.  Of course there are disadvantages as well.  Maybe you don’t know anyone there or you just might not like it.  You have to create a temporary life in an unfamiliar place and take a risk!

An advantage of a familiar place: you can adjust to it more easily.  No surprises – you already know that you like it and you also may already know some people there and have information about the place.  As far as disadvantages goes, I’ve often found that the second time you visit a place you really love, it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.  That first rush of adrenalin you get from discovering a new place is no longer there and some of the factors that used to exist may change.  For example, friends you met may no longer live there or maybe the cost of living has become too expensive.

The first time I visited Buenos Aires was spectacular.  I enjoyed it so much I came back a second time.  This time though, I felt like I didn’t connect to the city like I had before.  My friends had left and I although I was working with a steady job, the city had become much more expensive than it was before.  I wouldn’t suggest returning to a place you’ve visited before – it can tarnish a the precious moments you have of it.  People make the place great more than the place does!  It’s disappointing to to return to a completely different social environment.  Truly an important thing to consider – it’s usually not the scenery that ends up making your trip worthwhile, it’s the people you meet.

Bottom line, sometimes we need a place that is comfortable and secure that we can easily adjust to.  If you need to recharge and don’t want to take a risk, go for a place you’ve been.  But as long as you have the energy – be adventurous and head for a new place!