Sleeping in the Car

Sleeping in the Car

Sleeping in the Car

Sleeping in the car is not really a recommended option, but sometimes it’s necessary.

First of all, it’s not very comfortable!  You’re not going to get a good night’s sleep unless you are blessed with a super-luxurious car. Secondly, it’s not that safe.  If you aren’t careful where you park it you are putting yourself at risk of theft and vandalism during the night.  On top of that, make sure you aren’t breaking any laws – it’s illegal to park in some areas.

Let’s admit – it’s a bit embarrassing to tell people you’re living in your car.  Sometimes it’s necessary though, especially when you’re on the road.  It’s a great way of saving money (even if it means you have to wake up really early).

So let’s talk about the right way to do this:

  • Park in an optimal spot: somewhere safe – not in the middle of nowhere where you can’t get help if you need it!
  • Find somewhere with a little bit of light: this will decrease the chance of someone robbing you (and we don’t want that!)
  • The Shout Rule: park where someone can hear you if you shout (but make sure it’s not so noisy that you can’t sleep)
  • Traffic Danger: don’t park in a place with a lot of traffic – you’ll regret it if you get hit by another car!
  • Comfort: leg space, pillow, blanket; adjustable shades are handy to keep out light (and nosy observers)
  • Alarm Clocks: put a bunch of alarm clocks around you (I always turn them off, it’s better to have many) because you don’t want to be sleeping in the car after the sun goes up
  • Crack a window: open a window just a little because it will get hot and it’s very important to do just incase you don’t wake up (unless you want to have a heat stroke)


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