Necessary steps before switching to nomad

Preparing for Nomadic Life While Still at Home

Preparing for Nomadic Life While Still at Home

So you’ve made the decision that a nomadic lifestyle is right for you – now what?

Like every other big decision in life, it’s best not to jump into deep water without prior preparation. And yes, changing your life constantly is pretty deep water. Preparing yourself for all different aspects of becoming a nomad will increase your chances of having a successful and happy nomad lifestyle.

Let’s discuss the major decisions one should make before beginning the journey:

  • Quitting Your Job
    It might be tempting to quit your job right away and embark on your journey as soon as possible.  However, acting out of emotion without taking into account some important factors will result in a less successful transition.  The first thing to consider is your financial situation.  A nomad usually spends more money than he earns in the first phase of her/his journey.  Therefore, you need a sufficient amount of funds to get started.  Make a calculation of the amount of money that will be enough to sustain you and your nomadic lifestyle and hang in there until you reach this amount.  On top of that, try not to burn bridges – just in case your nomad experiment doesn’t go well, it’s nice to have the option of returning to your old job later (in case you actually like your job).  An interesting option to take into consideration is to come up with some kind of an agreement with your employer that will allow you to earn money while on the move.  This requires creativity (and a very flexible boss), but if you’ve placed yourself in an indispensable position and offered the company a solid solution, working remotely can be the perfect solution.
  • Capping your Financial Obligations
    We often commit to our major obligations for extended periods of time.  For example, we usually take on yearly rent contracts or commit to other subscriptions such as gym membership and insurance for extended amounts of time.  Planning to embark on a nomadic journey will require you to make all your obligations end in the same month, plan ahead.
  • Dependencies
    The fact is – nomads can’t have others be dependent on them. Map out who depends on you and come up with solutions that will allow you to gradually break away from these dependencies and avoid future obligations that will interfere with your plan or leave you feeling guilty.  For example, if you have a pet, try to think well in advance who you can ask to take care of the pet.  If you have a friend or family member that is dependent on you, slowly find ways to disconnect from this dependency.
  • Prepare to Make a Living in Advance
    The first phase of being a nomad is quite turbulent, and you don’t want to face with the thought of how to sustain yourself only when the journey already began and all the pressure is on you.  Take advantage of the time you have while still living in a stable place to find and begin exploring new career paths that will allow you to to generate revenue in the future.  Try brainstorming some ideas with friends and family, do research.  This usually involves acquiring a new skill and purchasing equipment like a laptop.

The path is not easy, and in order to increase your chances of success, you will need disincline and proper planning. The benefits for a successful nomad are huge, and are well worth the sacrifice and effort needed. A nomadic lifestyle, although appearing relaxed and carefree does require a lot of preparation. If you go off the beaten track, get a map and tools to help you survive there.