Recommended Travel and Digital Nomad Blogs

Recommended Travel and Digital Nomad Blogs

Recommended Travel and Digital Nomad Blogs

The following list introduces digital nomad and travel blogs that I enjoy reading and that inspire me while working on the BecomeNomad blog. I personally prefer following bloggers who discuss all aspects of travel and the digital nomad lifestyle, rather than only focusing on the travel and sightseeing part.

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When deciding on which travel and digital nomad blogs enter my daily feed, those are the main ingredients I look for:

  • Persistence- The ability to continue posting without disappearing.
  • New Information- I want to learn something new of value, which can be either practical or inspirational.
  • Fun to read- I like to be entertained while reading.

Each digital nomad blogger has their own unique characteristics and focus. To make it easier to explore, the following digital nomad blogs list will be divided to categories (e.g. Well written, Fun to read, etc.)


Adventurous Kate– Kate was one of the first bloggers I followed when I started my nomadic path. As other successful bloggers started posting less with the years, this blog has only improved and maintained the connection with the readers. Kate is doing a great job on both creating quality engaging content and marketing her blog with social media while actively leading and participating in the global travel industry.

Nomadic Matt– Maybe the most popular travel blog in the world. Matt is giving great advice on saving money and sustaining constant traveling.

Expert Vagabond– Matthew’s blog is a combination of interesting stories and good photography skills.


Johnny Vagabond– Wes Nations passed away recently. A true traveler who could think deep and write beautifully. Life…

Legal Nomads– Although the main theme of this blog is food which is something I prefer to eat instead of reading about, Jodi has outstanding writing capabilities. This blog is a well rounded example of how a travel blogger can be articulate, putting readers first, and communicating effectively via social media. It also demonstrates the writer’s capacity to be vulnerable and share aspects from her life that are not generally seen on other travel blogs (e.g. challenges with health issues)

Fun to Read

Wandering Earl – Earl is a great guy who I had the privilege to meet in Romania. He has been on the move for more than 6,000 days, pretty amazing. To top it all, his posts sometimes have punch lines that can drop you to the floor. (Check out the interview I had with him)

Uncornered Market– Dan and Audrey are a couple traveling the world and writing interesting posts about their experiences. The mix of both personal stories together with high quality travel advice is much appreciated.

NeverEndingVoyage– Simon and Erin are one more couple of digital nomad which makes you believe nomadic relationships can be stable and successful. They don’t only create quality content, but also make the additional step and build cool apps which are helpful to Travelers. Respect for builders!

Travel Magazines

Roads and Kingdoms- An impressive travel magazine with in depth look on locations and important events taking place in the world. This is becoming one of my favorite travel reads due to high-quality of writing and a great ability to tell stories.

Matador Network– Short bits of articles about Traveling and travel locations. The depth of those articles is quite limited (“10 things you should…”), and the liberal simplified political view can get annoying, but lately they are posting articles by Mary Sojourner, one of the best travel writers I came across. Maybe there is hope for the world.

MapHappy– A good resource which focuses less on travel stories and more on Practical Traveling.

Thought Leaders

Tim Ferriss– Tim’s book, the “4 hours work week“, is almost an obligatory read for anyone starting to experiment with the nomadic lifestyle. In his blog/podcast, Tim expands about general life topics that have many points of connection to digital nomads and people who decide to optimize for freedom and lifestyle.

Nomadic Notes– James of Nomadic notes has done something extraordinary. Other than creating another travel blog, he has gone deeper and provides useful tools for the entire global community of digital nomads. His articles and updates provide immense value, and I hope he keeps up the creating value for the community.

Levels.Io– Pieter is one of the most prominent digital nomads out there. He builds stuff which supports digital nomads such as NomadList, Nomad forums, and Job sites. His blog deals a lot with coding (a required skill for building which you as a digital nomad should know about), in addition to articles about the future of work and travel.

Vagabonding– If Tim Ferriss is the known leader on the practical aspects and possibilities of freedom and lifestyle design, Rolf’s Potts book “Vagabonding” is an obligatory read for those interested in the spiritual and emotional side of long term travel. Rolf’s blog shares some interesting information about travel, and writing, although not updated frequently.

Other Travel Blogs I follow

Camels and Chocolate– I enjoy reading Kristin’s blog, for two main reasons. Firstly, she is not a blogger, but a writer. Secondly, the concept of integrating high-quality photos while telling stories is fun, and well executed.

TomasLau– The talented Tomas Laurinavicius is a Lithuanian digital nomad who is covering the digital nomad trends for years. The blog is packed with advice about productivity, mindset and other inspiring nomads.

Goats on the Road– One more recent discovery. This Canadian couple is writing about a wide array of Travel related topics in a fun and knowledgeable way.

Maverick Traveler– An interesting blog from James, which might not be for all (especially not for those who are fans of politically correctness). Regardless, and although some of the views there can trigger controversy, James is writing it as he sees it, and that’s definitely a quality most travel bloggers (including myself) in order to keep everyone happy. If everyone is happy, you are doing something wrong.

Making it Everywhere– I enjoy reading Mish and Rob’s posts and find them funny and informative, which also means that as marketing people, they are probably very good at their job. Mish and Rob are also creating relevant resources for nomads such as the Nomad Project map and an internal digital nomad community. Good work!

Tynan– Tynan has built a project which has a unique voice in comparison to most travel blogs out there. The blog focuses on travel, productivity, mindset and practical tips.

Spartan Traveler– Interesting blog from Clayton about a variety of topics discussing Travel, Remote work and other cool topics.

TravelsofAdam– A high quality blog with some interesting articles and good city guides. Adam’s blog is also focusing on the LGBT community and the challenges they face while traveling around the world.


Tropical MBA– Dan and Ian have the best lifestyle design blog and podcast, and supply great tips on generating income while being location free. They have also created the awesome Dynamite Circle community which adds to their glamour!

Nomad Capitalist– Some interesting resources from Andrew about offshore living, wealth creation
and global citizenship.

Travel Tech Blogs

Too many Adapters– Great blog from Dave about “Technology for travelers”. Sim cards, gadgets, adapters, everything is there to prepare you well!

Fox Nomad– Anil is a cool blogger focusing on the technology of travel as well, while also discussing general travel topics.

Other Lists of Travel Blogs

Since many of my favorite past bloggers are no longer blogging due to life’s circumstances, I have also listed a few influential travel posts from past bloggers people should check. This list also highlight a few posts from the above mentioned authors that I found outstanding.

JoaoLeitao Travel Blog List– I am covering only a handful of blogs in this curated and very personal preference list, so it makes a lot of sense to check Joao’s Travel blog list of more than 2,300 Blogs! Creating this list is a brilliant effort that should be applauded.

And one more list, this time of the top travel and digital nomad podcasts, for those of you who prefer listening to reading.

As anything in life, things change. Please suggest updates and new additions to this list in the comments.