August’s updates (from Veliko Tarnovo to Varna)


Hello nomads,

I am sending you my regards from sunny Varna on the coast of the black sea. I love the sea, and although I try to avoid touristic locations during July and August, Varna is still affordable and fun, especially when you camp with a tent for 6 Euros…

I have come to love Bulgaria in the last 3 months, it’s a country with many attractions, low cost of life and interesting people. I plan to stay in Varna for a week or two, and move to either Romania or FYROM.

Blog News

As you might have noticed, I almost didn’t add new articles in the last few months. This is now changing, as I have a more time, expect to see more soon. Recently, I have published an article that for me is the most important article I have ever written. The reason of why it is important is not due to the value it presents to the reader, but simply because the article describes my nomadic lifestyle in detail with a set of rules that help me stay sane and happy on the road. I keep on coming back to it, checking that I am living the life I want and follow the path that makes me happy.

Feel free to check the article here, and share your own special rules and way of traveling in the comments section.

Last month, after I sent the newsletter from Sofia, I was contacted by Geri, a travel blogger from Bulgaria and went to have coffee with her which was great. Geri has a blog specifically about women traveling. It is a topic I don’t really cover that much, so I recommend you to check it out at whenwomantravel.

I started the blog not only to make big money (never going to happen) ,but especially since I want to meet with likeminded people like Geri when traveling. If any of you happen to be around where I am, let me know so we can get coffee together.

Let’s end with the Quote of the month: The more you have, the more you have to lose.

Happy travels!

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