Taxes for US Expats

What do you imagine when you think of quality in accounting? A luxuriously furnished office? A secretary who always remembers your name? Quality today looks a little different than it did forty years ago. As the world has grown and changed, so have our accounting needs. Today quality stands for flexibility, responsiveness, and precision. Which is why I’d like to introduce you to Taxes For Expats

taxes for expats

Taxes For Expats offers services specifically conceived for American expats living abroad. They work with expats on every continent and in over 190 different countries to make sure that their taxes are filed correctly and efficiently. Instead of a fancy office they offer you a user-friendly website accessible from anywhere in the world. And instead of a secretary who remembers you, they’ll match you with a highly-qualified tax preparer who will accompany you through every step of the filing process.

So why is it important to find a preparer who specializes in international tax law? Living abroad can lead to some complicated tax situations and it can be hard to find an accountant who’s familiar with the problems you might face. The professionals at TFX have been specializing in taxes for expats for 25 years and in that time their name has become synonymous with quality. TFX is an accredited Better Business Bureau business and a member of the National Association or America’s Tax Experts. All the experts at TFX are either CPAs or IRS Enrolled Agents, and your tax return will be checked not only by your preparer but also by a supervisor.

TFX’s motto is “Living abroad presents enough challenges, filing your U.S. taxes shouldn’t be one of them.” This ethos is reflected in everything they do: from their live support which is available 18 hours a day to answer any questions you may have no matter where you are in the world, to their accessible and user-friendly Tax Questionnaire which is designed to analyse your situation quickly and painlessly, without asking you pages of extraneous questions.

And because they work in tandem with accountants all over the world, they may even be able to recommend you an accountant in your country of residence to help you file your local tax return. All of this, combined with their transparent pricing, makes it easy to see why TFX is consistently one of highest-rated expat tax preparers on the market. Check out their client testimonials and see for yourself!

To get an idea of exactly how easy the TFX system is, let’s take a closer look at their process which can be broken down into six simple steps. The first step is to create an account with TFX online. This involves creating a username and password and filling out some basic information. Generally, it takes about five minutes. Once you’ve created an account with TFX you’ll be able to access your account online and use it to request consultations, upload documents, and complete the Tax Questionnaire.

After you’ve finished creating your account, you’ll be asked to complete step two of the process: scheduling a 30 minute phone consultation with TFX. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to explain the details of your situation to your tax preparer. In turn, your tax preparer will ask you questions and outline the tax preparation process. Once you’ve hung up the phone, you’ll be ready to move on to the third step: completing TFX’s interactive Tax Questionnaire. The questions in the Tax Questionnaire are specifically designed to be clear and easy to answer.

Once you’ve completed the Tax Questionnaire, it’s time for the professionals at TFX to get to work. They’ll analyse the information you’ve given them and draft an electronic engagement letter outlining the scope and total cost of the work to be done.

Step four is a piece of cake: just sign the engagement letter and let TFX go to work on your return! Step five is just as easy on your end: while TFX does your taxes you can sit back and relax. Their usual turnaround time is fifteen business days–what will you use that time for?

Finally, TFX will send you your completed return so that you have the chance to review it and confirm that you’re happy with their work before filing. In step six, TFX e-files your return for you. Worried you might not be eligible to e-file? No problem, TFX will provide you with your ready-to-mail return along with specific instructions about when and where to send it. And if you’re ever audited, TFX will stand by you and advise you of the best course of action to take in dealing with the IRS. Six simple steps and you can stop worrying about taxes for the rest of the year!

TFX is the definition of quality in the modern world. Their founder, Ines Zemelman, is a renowned tax expert who specializes in helping individuals and small businesses to resolve complex international tax issues. Following in her footsteps, her professional multilingual team works to a very high standard and has made a practice of taking on complex cases.

Taxes For Expats works hard to combine the convenience and ease offered by modern technology with a human touch to offer you a streamlined stress-free filing experience. From your very first consultation right through to the end, your preparer will be available to answer any questions you might have about the filing process. You’ll have the flexibility to keep in touch anytime, from anywhere: by chat, email, or phone and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your taxes are in the hands of experts.

So step into TFX’s “office” and explore what they have to offer. Their website is packed with useful information such as their U.S. Expat Tax Guide for 2018 and handy tips about how to compare firms when you’re shopping for a tax preparer. Whether you’re looking for tax preparer now, or just thinking about the future, TFX is a great place to start.

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