Relationships while being on the road: Are they Possible?

Just get one of those and hug it instead



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  1. Miss Delfin says:

    What if your special someone is also a nomad?

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m not so sure about this! My partner and I are digital nomad-ing together, but before he joined me on my travels we were based in Birmingham together and I used to head off by myself for a few weeks at a time, come back, we’d go somewhere together, I’d go off by’s difficult, but certainly not impossible! People make long distance relationships work all the time, I guess it just depends on how invested you are in the relationship. But meeting someone and then building a relationship when one of you is off seeing the world and the other is stuck at home? Yeah, no.

    • elid1979 says:

      Hi Jessica.
      This is a subject I can’t figure out just yet.
      To sum it up, it seems it makes your nomadic life happier but more complicated, since it is hard enough to take a decision yourself on a nomadic lifestyle.
      Thanks for the comment, it supplies some tips about what are the sources of making it work, I will expand the article soon.

  3. Cero says:

    I disagree my partner of 5 years still sticks around even with me being a nomad, it is hard and all because its a life she does not understand. I accidentally fell into the lifestyle but it became part of me that i do not regret. Even when i was homeless i had to much pride on my self to ask anyone to help which she stuck around and got used to it. But besides the point it is possible it is a very hard thing to maintain yes on both person to person basis but as well as your own lifestyle, as long as they understand that you are who you are and the life you live is a life of traveling there should be no problem. trust and loyalty which is hard because many of us lost that security when turning our life this way. All i can honestly say is if you are in a relationship or might try to get one on traveling really think about because it is a hard thing to do

    • elid1979 says:

      Hi Cero,
      Thanks for sharing your story, I will use your insights about this topic when I release the next version of this article that will be more optimistic.. I can really connect to what you said: The key to a successful nomadic relationship is the other person accepting your lifestyle, as the Italians say “clear agreement, good friendship” or relationship in this case..

  4. Oh, I hope it is. Even though I don’t mind being alone, I don’t want to be alone a lot. It would be awesome to find a partner who shares my passion of freedom.

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