Digital Nomad Recommended Books

Books are a great source of inspiration, especially for the digital nomad path which is nothing but easy. The following list suggest some books which will make the transition into a digital nomad smooth on both practical elements, and especially on mindset and philosophy related to constant life on the road.

4 Hour Work Week – The bible of digital nomads. Although a bit outdated, this book put the topics of “Hacking Life” and working while traveling in the mainstream.  It still gives you relevant tools and valuable resources to become successful as a digital nomad.

Vagabonding – A Rolf Potts book that builds a case for vagabonding and living while traveling for extended periods of time. I enjoyed reading this one!

Into the Wild – The book, which then turned into a great movie, are probably the best motivator out there to waking up and exploring life in a unique way. Highly recommended.

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