BecomeNomad from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Today, BecomeNomad from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Although I am not a usually a fan of big cities, I am glad to have found some routines and places which make me feel comfortable to stay here for a while. I tried staying in Chernivsti, a cute town close to the Carpathians mountains, but it was impossible for me to get work done without a coworking space. The option of revisiting the Beautiful city of Odessa on the black sea, after staying there for 2 months last year doesn’t seem too nomadic neither, especially considering the number of tourists who are there in August, making it more crowded and expensive than usual. Odessa has become the top summer resort in the region after the Crimea peninsula was recently annexed by Russia, which makes travel there a little bit difficult. I have heard great things about Crimea, which was the Soviet Union official hip place to visit during the summer, so I look forward to visit it in the future. In the meanwhile, I enjoy staying in my wooden guest house 10 meters from the Dnieper river and doing some River swims in the mornings.

The Ukraine is an interesting country. When I got here for the first time almost a year ago and crossed the border from Poland to Lviv, it felt like I have reached another world. It was no longer the “organized Europe” that I have got used to, not many people spoke English which made it hard to get by, and everything looked extremely cheap. One of the interesting phenomenons of the nomadic lifestyle is the feeling of “Shock and Awe” when I reach a new place, and how it quickly changes to a feeling of “It’s normal and I feel at home”. For example, Minsk, the relatively isolated capital of Belarus where I have stayed for two months before going to Kiev seemed like the strangest place upon arrival. Lenin Statues in every corner, a lot of security in the streets and a political structure unheard of in modern European democracy mindset. However, after one month, the Lenin statues merely became my favorite meeting place with new friends, and now every place without Lenin seems a little strange and exotic to me. It is a little bit counter intuitive, but when this feeling of “I am at Home” appears, that’s exactly how I know it is the right time to leave.

So I moved to Kiev. My first week in here was a little tough. I found a cheap hotel for $9 a day with a nice cozy room, located in the middle of a noisy and crowded district. To give the city another shot, I just entered the “Map View” of a few accommodation sites, saw a wooden house in the middle of nowhere 10 meters from a beach by the river bank, and now I have a Home. Conclusion: Even in the messiest locations, magic awaits and hides. you just need some luck, spend some time to find it, and most importantly, understand what is it that you need. In my case, I need a lot of nature around me in addition to an accessible coworking space that I can reach every day.

Embarking on a nomadic life without knowing what you need and makes you happy can break you to pieces. It might also do the same with time even if you live a normal lifestyle. Once you understand what makes you happy, life is easier, and prizes are waiting for you. Here is how the Dnieper River looks like close to my home:

BecomeNomad from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

The Ukraine has amazing value for money currently after their currency got devaluated more than 3 times against the Dollar in the last two years. Good quality Espresso in the professional coffee wagon in the street is about $25 cents, a great lunch will be about $3-$5, and a budget single room in most cases will be from $9-$12, while a dorm bed will be $4. In other words, CRAZY.

The other side of the coin is the struggle of the local population to get by through the month. Purchasing imported goods and traveling became almost impossible for locals and I hope the situation here will get better with people living in dignity, and social tensions between parts of the population reducing. The World has too much of Nationalism and too little of love as it is.

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If you have any comments, questions or you are around where I am currently at, let me know by replying to this email, or tweet me @BecomeNomad, it’s always great connecting with readers!

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