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As there are many travel and digital nomad blogs as many digital nomad podcasts are. I would like to share the list of my favourites, which will be widen with time. Here you can find podcasts on nomadic lifestyle and location independent business, as well as some inspiration for life without borders. Let’s have a breath of inspiration!

The Tropical MBA Podcast

Dan and Ian have the best lifestyle design podcast around, and supply great tips on generating income while being location free.

The BecomeNomad Podcast

By your’s truly. In this podcast I try to analyze the nomadic lifestyle and all related aspects of living on the road. We address mindset and psychological topics, as well as many practical factors relevant to be a successful long term digital nomad.

Zero to travel

Useful for travel newbies, occasional travelers or experienced globetrotters. Travel expert Jason Moore chats with digital nomads and adventurous people living life on the road so you can discover new ways to travel endlessly.

The Abroaders

Super cool podcast hosted by Erik and AJ. Most of the topics revolve around frequent flyer points and ways of reducing your flight expenses, but some episodes which I enjoy even more are general and discuss Travel, interesting locations and much more. Great Podcast! 

Nomadtopia Radio

Sincere talk hosted by Amy Scott about daily life as a traveler, nomad or entrepreneur with details into features of living and working without borders.

Keep Your Day Dream

Outstanding podcast with an amazing interviewer. Tricia has great energies and knows how to ask the right questions in her interviews with inspiring nomads around the world.

As Told by Nomads

This cool podcast hosted by Tayo features digital nomads and business leaders in more than 250 episodes!

Extra pack of peanuts

Travis the host is such a positive and energetic guy, I just love this podcast. It is probably the most popular podcast of the travel category, and has interviews with interesting long term travelers. 

Nomad Together

Hands down, the best podcast out there about nomadic families. If you have a family and want to get on the road or if you are planning to have a nomadic family in the future, Paul and Becky will get you the information you need to start.

Travel Like a Boss Podcast.

Fun interviews with all kind location free entrepreneurs and nomads, doing business from e-commerce to shipping.

Get Paid for your Pad

Cool podcast with digital nomad host Jasper. The focus is about Airbnb rentals and accommodation while traveling. It is extremenly useful for those of you renting their places as you travel. 

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The episodes include interviews with nomads, who pass on their best online business, marketing, outsourcing, and social media tips to help you build a business and community.

* If you think your podcast should be in the list, just drop a line, I’ll be happy to introduce you to the audience.

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  1. Hey Eli, I have a digital nomad podcast that you may be interested in adding to your list!

    The podcast interviews digital nomads from all walks of life sourced from our Digital Nomad group we run on Facebook (Digital Nomads Around The World) it’s actually the largest digital nomad community on the net so far!

    Let me know if I can return the favour somehow! Or if you have any questions.

    Cheers mate!

  2. Hi Eli, I host and just hit my 20th episode. Have had some epic guests including Johnny FD who I see made your list with Travel Like a Boss. Would be great to have consideration for inclusion in your list if you put out an updated version down the road. I have capability to interview guests remotely now as well via Zencastr if you want to discuss doing a guest appearance as well. cheers

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